Gifts Galore! Top Heather Hightower picks for Mother's Day!

top mothers day shoe blog

top mothers day shoe blog

Mother’s day is right around the corner! It’s time to show your mother how much you really appreciate her. What better way to show gratitude than a pair of shoes. Here are Heather Hightower’s top shoe picks for the perfect mother’s day gift:


Candy Croc Pump Black

Classic meets chic! The candy croc black pump is a HH staple shoe. This shoe will make any mom’s day more special.


Glam Sugar

Put a little glam in her life! This Glam Sugar heel is perfect for those mothers with a little extra to her personality. This is a shoe that she won’t be able to resist.



The single sole heel! This “Keys” heel is the way to your mother’s heart. Every woman needs the perfect pair of black sandal heels.

RiRi- Dark Floral

Dark floral “Ri Ri” single sole heel will give you chills. This spring with a twist shoe will make any mother jump for joy.




Pencil Me In *Bonus Tips * Business Trips and the Come Back



Well hello there loves, it’s been a minute…whew! This past month I think I only spent about 9 days actually at home.  The rest of my time I was on the road traveling to trade shows and seeing vendors.  This moment here should be commemorated as I finally have a moment to sip a cup of green tea and get this blogpost out to the world…lol.  I’ve often found when I leave town and come back from business trips or even on vacation it is extremely hard to get back into the swing of things.  The time change has not helped the situation AT ALL.  I’ve now had to jump back into the routine of mom and business woman and I didn’t get a day in between to gather my thoughts. (blah..blah…  I’m sure this has happened to a few of you so I wanted to give you my tips on diving in head first back to the realities of home life.

Tip #1

Plan Ahead: Before my trips I think about what I want to think about on my trip…sounds strange right.  Well a little, lol, but I like to have my head in order there is a lot of idle time while traveling and it’s the perfect time to get your thoughts together about what moves you want to make next.

Tip #2 

Post Trip Brain Dump: So after my trip is over I like to come home and either sit in my office or I go down to my local Starbucks with one of my many whimsical notebooks and I dump everything out of my brain that I’ve been thinking about over the trip.  This allows me to get it all out of my head onto paper so I can see my tasks at hand.

Tip #3

Clear Your Mind: After my brain dump I make a strategic plan looking at everything I wrote down and prioritizing in order.  Some things will need to be done ASAP like follow up from the trip and other things will need to be scheduled out.  Then from here I begin to plan my week ahead off of these goals and my previous business goals and I sprinkle them in with my normal routine of school, kids and work.  Now I’m ready for the world!


Outfit Details: Duster: | Sheer Top: Georgiau (Old)| Nude Pencil Skirt: Designed and hand made by Carmen at | Accessories: Belt and Necklace H &M | Mamacita Heels designed by me Heather Hightower


Spring 2016 Hottest Shoe Trends The ultimate shoe trend guide!

Spring-Shoe-Trends-2016 (4)
Spring (2)

                                                             Photo Credit:

Spring is finally here! Warm weather, short shorts, and open toed shoes; I’m excited just talking about it! Everything that we love about the spring season has gotten even better with the season’s hottest shoe trends straight off the runway. This spring we will see people rocking mules to block heels to even the traditional gladiator sandals and even sneakers for those cute but laid back days. Lets get into the round up of spring’ 16 shoe trends:





Block Heel

block heel 1 block heel 2

Anthony Vaccarello ’16                                             Alexander McQueen ’16

block heel 3 block heel 4

Versace Spring ’16                                                  Christopher Kane ’16




Gladiator Sandals

gladiator 1 gladiator 2

        Rebecca Minkoff Spring ’16                              Alberta Ferretti Spring ’16

gladitor 4 gladiator 3 (2)

Giambattista Valli ’16                                                    Brother Vellies Spring ’16




Pointed toe

pointed toe 1 pointed toe 2

Erdem Armani Spring ’16                                       Giles Spring ’16

pointed toe 3 pointed toe 4

Givenchy Spring ’16                                                  Lanvin ’16





sneaker 1 sneaker 2

Yohji Yamamoto ’16                                          Acne Spring ’16

sneaker 3 sneaker 4

MSGM ’16                                        Alexander Wang Spring ’16





mules 5 mules 2

Gucci Spring ’16                                                     Gucci Spring ’16

mules 3 mules 4

Jeremy Scott Spring ’16                           Alexander Wang Spring ’16

Chunky Platform Sandals

chuncky platform sandal 1 chuncky platform 2

Chanel Spring ’16                                       Burberry Spring ’16

chuncky platform 3 chuncky platform 4

Alexander Wang Spring ’16                              Victoria Beckham ’16




Rainbow Hues

rainbow hue 4 rainbow hue 3

Dolce & Gabbana Spring ’16                             Tommy  Hilfiger ’16

rainbow hue 2 rainbow hues 1

Jeremy Scott Spring ’16                                          Missoni ’16




Lace up

lace up 3 lace up 2

Isabel Marant ’16                                              Marissa Webb Spring ’16

lace up 1 lace up 4

Isabel Marant ’16                                   Salvatore Ferragamo ’16





Mixing Brands

pink set

pink set

Mixing brands is a thing that everybody does. Mixing high end pieces with lower end pieces will make your entire outfit look like you paid a lot when you didn’t.  In this outfit there are brands from, Givenchy, YSL, Moschino, to Topshop, River Island, to Forever 21. HH white Candy Croc pumps look good with all brands from low end to high end.

pink set

Girrrlll so save some coins by mixing lower end brands in your wardrobe!



Indie Brands with HH shoes

ilyanajoi necklace feature indie designer 2

ilyanajoi necklace feature indie designer 2

Heather Hightower is all about supporting independent designers.This Ilyana Joi necklace is the perfect statement piece for any spring and summer look. This statement necklace with the HH black candy croc pump is the perfect combination for a spring outfit.

ilyanajoi necklace feature indie designer 2


Style Through the Vintage Lens

60's vintage style

60's vintage style

Discover the history of Fashion! Get inspired by fashion from the 60’s with a mod A-line skirt, peter pan collar top, layered pearls, and cat eye sunglass. The HH Glam Sugar is the perfect shoe for this vintage inspired look.

60's vintage style


Awesome Branding Tips for Fashion Boutiques Tips for Fashion Designers, Accessory Designers, Fashion Boutique Owners, Shoe Designers and all other Fashion Professionals.



Branding Tips 

1. Be innovative and bold!

Being innovative makes you one step ahead of everybody. Coming up with new and original ideas helps your brand stand out. When coming up with new ideas and methods you need to be bold. Being bold and taking risks will set you asides from other brands; making your banding more appealing to others.

2. Define your brand!

What is your brand? Do people know what your brand is and what it stands for? Defining your brand is knowing what you stand for as well as what you offer. Without brand definition people will not know what your brand is. This is the most important step in branding.


3. Promote brand awareness!

In order to reach your market you must have promotional initiatives. Anything from social media, business cards, events, etc. Events are a really great way to promote brand awareness. During an event people will get to interact and see first-hand what your brand really is.

4. Build long term relationships!

Building long term relationships is very important because it is networking. Networking keeps your brand in the loop with other people you may need. Building these relationships creates loyalty to your brand.

5. Go against the grain!

Following what others doesn’t make a brand stand out. Originality is key in marketing your brand. People want to see something different not, the same thing everyone else is doing it gets boring. Going against the grain often times means taking some risk.



Brunch with Babes

brunch with babe

Are you going to a brunch date and are wondering what to wear?  Take a look at this easy and light combination, perfect for a date with your valentine babes!

brunch with babe


Killer Style

part one

Do you wish you have that one wearing piece which you can combine with almost all other pieces and make everything easier? We know that takes effort to chose the perfect combination for work or happy hour or Saturday night out, that`s why we bring you some combinations to help you choose a piece that will make this transitions easier. You can wear some pieces all day long and change others to fit the day.

Take a look at the Going from Work to Happy Hour combination that will give you idea for your next working day.

part one

Perfect and stylish combination for going from Work to Happy Hour downtown.


Now take a look at the going from casual Saturday to girls night out combination from which you can get an idea for this Saturday.


part 2